10 networking tips for people who hate networking

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Networking is a great way to generate more business, solve problems or make friends with like-minded professionals.

But you’re not to sure what to do? You’ve been invited to a networking business event, better yet you’ve taken the initiative to go yourself.

Don’t forget to take your business cards.

Research shows networking is vital to staying employed, salary growth and job satisfaction. It also makes you more likely to land a job.

Alright, alright… Networking is essential. But how do we do it? I’ve read the books, talked to the experts and I’ve got some answers.

You hate networking. Or you’re bad at it. Or you’re hopelessly lazy and have the attention span of a gnat. Then just go play on Facebook.

1. If Connecting Seems Hard, Start By Re-Connecting
2. Move Your Desk
3. Find Your “superconnectors”
4. Start An “interesting People Fund”
5. Three Golden Questions
6. How To Not Be Sleazy
7. The Five Minute Favor
8. Cement A Relationship By Asking For A Favor
9. Tips From The Best
10. Party!

Original Author: Eric Barker

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