Willowdale sustainable home design is as ‘green’ as it gets

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Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Brticevic; Romilly Madew, CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia; Andrew Whitson, CEO Residential at Stockland; NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman; Gavin Tonnet
Green home: from left, Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Brticevic; Romilly Madew, CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia; Andrew Whitson, CEO Residential at Stockland; NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman; Gavin Tonnet, NSW General Manager Residential.

Stockland has created and opened one of the most sustainable project homes ever built in Australia at its Willowdale residential community in Denham Court.

The two-storey family home has been designed, built and recently certified to the 8 star NatHERS rating, which means the house is designed to achieve close to net zero emissions through its range of energy-saving and ecologically sustainable features.

Willowdale Community Place is a display home that demonstrates how families building their own new, dream homes can save thousands of dollars every year with energy saving inclusions that maximise the warmth of the sun through winter and minimise the impact of the sun’s heat through summer.

It allows customers to choose the energy saving features they would like to include in the construction of their homes, so they can start saving money on bills as soon as they move in.

NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman attended the official launch of the home, along with Romilly Madew, chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia; Mayor George Brticevic and Andrew Whitson, CEO Residential at Stockland.

“We’re making our communities greener, both in a physical sense with more green, open, public spaces, parks, playgrounds, walking trails and cycleways; and showing customers how they can save money over a lifetime through more energy-efficient home design and construction,’’ Mr Whitson said.

“This is not a concept house; all ‘eco’ features, fittings and inclusions are commercially available right now.

“For example, for a medium-sized home, installing solar panels will cost around $7,000 upfront.

“On a yearly basis, solar will save that same house between $1,000 and $2,000 in energy costs, meaning they will recoup their investment within five to seven years and reaping ongoing cost savings for many years after that.”

Stockland has developed Willowdale Community Place using readily available energy saving features to ensure all of its project home build partners across Australia can replicate the key sustainable features of the home.

“Our aim is make a positive influence on the thousands of customers who build a new home every year, appealing to them at that critical point when they are deciding what to build,” explained Mr Whitson.

“The impact of encouraging a generation of home buyers to make more sustainable choices cannot be underestimated, and we are uniquely positioned to promote more sustainable home design and construction on a national scale.”

To include all of the primary energy savings features that have been built into the Willowdale ‘zero emissions house’ would generally add around $16,000 to $20,000 to the cost of building a new home. Stockland’s modelling shows that new home owners can expect to recoup that cost in energy savings achieved within five to seven years, with long-term cost savings continuing in perpetuity.

NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman said the NSW Government was committed to making more energy efficient homes the norm.

“Projects like Willowdale set the standard for how communities, industry and government can work together to develop great places to live that are good for the environment,” Mr Speakman said.

Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Brticevic, Stockland for choosing Willowdale to showcase its commitment to sustainable housing.

“As a council we are proud of the Willowdale development and its role in helping to shape the changing face of Campbelltown City,” Cr Brticevic said.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“I congratulate Stockland on this significant accolade, and hope that the impressive display home, and all that it offers, helps to encourage the many new residents flocking to our city to embrace the environmentally friendly building practices that the home boasts.[/social_quote]

“In setting the standard for sustainable housing in our fast-growing area, Stockland has demonstrated its commitment to working with council to help build a healthier future,” he added.

One of the most popular communities for first home buyers in Sydney, Willowdale at Denham Court has been accredited by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) for world-leading design excellence, innovation and environmental stewardship and as a centre for future economic prosperity and liveability.

The GBCA has awarded Stockland’s Willowdale residential development with the highly coveted and internationally-recognised 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating, which recognises world leadership across a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability measures.

The GBCA has also awarded the new Willowdale Retirement Village with a 4 Star Green Star – Design and As Built rating.

Romilly Madew said: “Stockland has achieved world’s best practice for its masterplan for Willowdale.

“While Stockland’s focus on liveability means the community will be an extraordinary place for residents, the company’s environmental leadership is also worthy of applause.

“Now that Australia has signed the Paris Accord on climate change, sustainability is the only way forward for residential development.

“The property industry has an important role to play as we look to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The GBCA will be doing more to promote the Green Star – Communities rating system among new home buyers as a mark of quality and we commend Stockland on its leadership as an agent of change within the property industry,” Ms Madew said.

Stockland has so far sold more than 1,000 residential lots at Willowdale.

On completion, Willowdale will comprise around 3,300 homes, a neighbourhood shopping centre anchored by a full-line Coles supermarket and specialty stores. Stockland has also made provision in the masterplan for 25 hectares of parks and playgrounds and the inclusion of a new state primary school.






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