Chairman says Wests Tigers will make South West their home

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That the South West of Sydney represents the long term future of Wests Tigers is one of the worst kept secrets in rugby league.

But now it has been confirmed by none other than the club chairman, Lee Hagipantelis, pictured below, that the future may be closer than people realise.

He was speaking at a Wests Tigers Macarthur and Group Six development induction night for U13, 14 and 15s teams at Wests League Campbelltown on May 17.

“The fact that we’re here in Campbelltown to present is no coincidence,’’ Mr Hagipantelis told the young players and their parents.

Also present in the audience was his fellow Wests Tigers football club board director Rick Wayde as well as a number of Wests Group Macarthur directors.

“We have made an enormous commitment to the region, both financially and culturally,’’ he said.

“Moving forward it is anticipated that the significant proportion – if not the majority of all home games of Wests Tigers NRL and NRLW – will be played at Campbelltown.

“We have been successful in securing $46 million to fund a centre of excellence to be constructed at the northern end of Campbelltown Stadium, which we hope will result in a complete refurbishment in due course of the stadium so it can – in the not too distant future – represent the home of the Wests Tigers,’’ Mr Hagipantelis said.

The Wests Tigers chairman followed up this speech by telling a radio station during an interview a few days later that the Wests Tigers would be playing a minimum of five home games at Campbelltown in 2024.

Sources at Campbelltown Council confirmed talks are continuing with the club about a new stadium agreement with the NRL club.

 The extra games were going to be played from this season, but the plan was scuttled by the women’s football World Cup which kicks off July 20.

Campbelltown Stadium will be used as a training base for the team from the Korea Republic.

11 thoughts on “Chairman says Wests Tigers will make South West their home”

  1. We have heard this for the last 23 years Hagipantelis, and nothing has changed. Macarthur got the raw end of the stick when Balmain ran the show and now they are gone, we still get the raw end of the stick.

    Macarthur should be home to.the club. Not Concord or Leichhardt. You have the largest growth area in the country, and run from Liverpool right down to Goulburn, but you’ve placed yourself as far away as possible.

    Leichhardt should be used once a season for NRL. It is not fit for purpose and in fact is worse than Henson Park. At least Henson Park has charm. Leichhardt has no transportation whatsoever and is simply unfit for the professional game.

    The whole show should be at Campbelltown – nrl, nrlw, state cup. Bring the magpies home.

    • A little bias don’t you think !
      Not surprising coming from a magpie supporter are you forgetting it’s a joint venture cub !
      I am happy with the 50/50 and I’m sure most of the joint venture supporters would agree 👍
      You need to grow up buddy .

  2. Is this $46 million for Centre of Excellence in addition to that which was secured a number of years ago by Council and Federal govt. Into which the South West Sydney Academy of Sport was to be accommodated??
    What re West’s planning for their Concord centre of excellence??

  3. U do this and yr fan base will decrease by at least half wen the Balmain fans drop off. I’m saying this as a true West’s Tigers fan and not one or the other.

  4. Absolutely agree the future of the west tigers is at Campbelltown stadium,the Leichhardt days are completely outdated and offer nothing going forward for the future,the jungle that can be created at Campbelltown would be amazing, visiting teams will not like competing against them at the home ground and that’s exactly what the club must do for the junior development and its future

  5. It’s still a joint venture so games have to be split between the 2 grounds. Happy for Campbelltown to have the majority but 5 games at Leichhardt as a minimum needs to happen.


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