We love devices that connect us to the world

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2014-12-23 11.29.43Three quarters of us are self confessed multi-screeners, with an increasing number planning on investing in new electronic devices in the next 12 months according to new research released by Origin and Ipsos Research Australia.

The Origin Energy Essentials Report shows that personal electronic devices continue to be among our most used appliances (75 per cent) across all age demographics, and they are loved because of the ability to connect us with the world (46 per cent).

But while we love the connection these types of devices provide, Australians are increasingly aware of the impact they are having on our personal connections, with more than 50 per cent of survey respondents trying to decrease their usage of personal electronic devices to spend more time with family.

As screens become more and more universal we are starting to reflect on how technology is influencing relationships with our nearest and dearest, as we spend more time “alone together’’ with our own personal screens, says Laura Demasi, Research Director at Ipsos Australia who partnered with Origin on the report.

“Despite these concerns about technology, Australians are still hugely enthusiastic about electronic devices and definitely not about to give up their screens,’’ Ms Demasi says.

Indeed, more people are committed to new purchases over the coming year.

Origin’s Energy expert, Anne Armansin, says while technology will forever play a role in Australians lives, everyone could make some simple changes to the way they use it to ensure quality family time doesn’t suffer as a result of being too plugged in.

“Parents should try to set some house rules for the amount of time their children spend using a device, and help them understand why this is important.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“There are also several apps out there that can help people realise how much time they’re spending on specific devices, and allow them to unplug for a nominated period of time.”[/social_quote]

The Origin Energy Essentials report, a bi-annual study on the relationship between households and their appliances and electrical gadgets, also examined what features are important when purchasing appliances, what appliances are popular amongst each age group, and consumer attitudes towards appliances and energy.

According to the research, price is still the biggest consideration for people purchasing new appliances but it does vary depending on the type of appliance.

Consumers are more price sensitive when choosing cheaper appliances, being cited as the major factor for people purchasing a toaster (44 per cent) or a kettle (40 per cent).

When purchasing more higher investment appliances, other factors become more important including energy efficiency (19 per cent for washing machines) and design (18 per cent for TVs).

“What the data tells us is that people are making smart choices when it comes to buying the big ticket items, taking into account other factors that contribute to household costs, such as the energy efficiency of an appliance,” Demasi says.




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