Water innovation company says beach lifestyle is possible for western Sydney

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Crystal Lagoons says this could be the future in western Sydney
Crystal Lagoons says this could be the future in western Sydney

Crystal Lagoons has a vision for western Sydney that’s a little from left field.

The vision is of a vast, exciting metropolis with a beachside lifestyle.

Yes, beachside lifestyle.

Crystal Lagoons, a multinational water innovation company which develops crystal-clear lagoons of infinite size, established a Sydney office last year – with Western Sydney firmly in its sights.

Its Oceania regional director Germán Rocca says soaring summer temperatures in the west make it even more important that residents have access to a safe and family friendly amenity where they can get relief from the heat.

“Western Sydney is on the cusp of a jobs and population explosion with Badgerys Creek airport bringing new infrastructure and investment,” Mr Rocca said.

“But besides balancing these economic benefits, councils and developers of large master-planned communities are also focused on ensuring there is quality of life for residents,” he added

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“The geography of the Western Sydney basin means it is several degrees hotter than the coastal suburbs and this is an issue for the millions of people who live in the west at least an hour or more from the beach.[/social_quote]

“Swimming pools can only benefit a very limited number of people and are expensive to maintain.

“Crystal Lagoons, the world’s top amenity, can be built to any size and provide the entire family with recreation and leisure such as swimming, sailing, kayaking, even wakeboarding.

“It becomes the focal point of new communities creating a destination which can become the catalyst for further enhancement such as cafes and restaurants or residential development.”

Mr Rocca said Crystal Lagoons now had 400 projects at various stages of development worldwide, ranging in size from one hectare to the Guinness world record breaking 12.5 hectare Crystal Lagoon in the Sinai Desert of Egypt.

The company has also secured the contract to build 14 Crystal Lagoons in Colombia.

“Crystal Lagoons has experienced phenomenal growth since it was formed eight years ago,” Mr Rocca saod.

“The first to realise its potential were resort developments but the major expansion in the past few years has been into residential settings where developers are seeking to provide amenity that is both sustainable and appealing to families.

“In contrast to golf courses we can create a beach paradise which the whole family can enjoy rather than creating golf widows.

“We have found that the introduction of Crystal Lagoons to replace or sit alongside a golf course has resulted in a huge uplift in sales as developers look for an edge in a competitive real estate environment.

“Our international experience shows that a Crystal Lagoon can exponentially increase the value per square metre and boost sales rates by 70 per cent.”

Mr Rocca said the technology behind Crystal Lagoons, protected by 1,500 worldwide patents, had been recognised through numerous awards for its innovation and environmental sustainability.

“Our technology allows us to use any type of water, salt, fresh or brackish,” said Mr Rocca.

“It consumes up to half the water of a park of the same size and uses up to 30 times less water than a golf course when filled with fresh water.”

Energy consumption is equally impressive requiring up to two per cent of that needed by conventional filtration systems and up to 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional swimming pool systems.

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