Word has got around: it’s thumbs up for VETsteddFOOD

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It’s hard to pronounce, but who cares when VETsteddFOOD is such a brilliant program.

An initiative of mwlp – Macarthur Workplace Learning Program – VETsteddFOOD is also excellent on more than just one level.

Its main aim is to give local hospitality students the opportunity to test their skills in a real world situation.

Their “customers’’ vary: but generally they are senior citizens from residential care facilities like Carrington, Anglicare Oran Park and HammondCare or community groups such as Lions clubs, Probus.

This year’s VETsteddFOOD offered four matinee shows and one dinner show, with around 500 guests all up.

For the dinner show there are a few seniors attending but most of the guests are parents of the work placement students and the student performers.

VETsteddFOOD is in its third year and is so popular the word has spread far and wide.

So far and wide its attracting attention from organisations which like mwlp bring employers and students together to make the transition to work a little easier.

The team from Schools Industry Partnership at Penrith attended the Thursday session of VETsteddFOOD at Julia Reserve Oran Park.

The South West Voice asked them what they thought afterwards, and without going into the nitty-gritty, it was a thumbs up from them.

David Williams, CEO of mwlp, said he was also grateful to Camden Council and Camden Comfort and Mobility Centre for their sponsorship support of VETsteddFOOD.

“It makes a big difference having that support,’’ he said.

What also adds to the event is having work placement students provide entertainment throughout.

This year there were two from Campbelltown Performing Arts High, one from Elderslie High and two from Eagle Vale High.

There were also hospitality work placement students from Mount Annan High (3), Oran Park High (2) and St Patrick’s Catholic College Campbelltown (3).

Lofia, Sophie and Lauren from St Patrick’s were in the kitchen cooking up a storm with Alistair Fogg from Nighthawk Diner, pictured (top) with Mr Williams.

For more information visit www.mwlp.com.au

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