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Outrage: local vaccine hubs closed as supplies are redirected

Local Labor MPs have united in condemning the decision by NSW Health to redirect vaccines from the heartland of South Western Sydney.

NSW Health have announced local vaccination hubs in the Liverpool LGA will close for two-and-half weeks starting today.

Chipping Norton Community Centre, Wattle Grove Community Centre, Michael Wenden Leisure Centre and Michael Clarke Recreation Centre will reopen early September.

Anne Stanley, the federal member for Werriwa, has attacked the decision to redirect local resources to other mass vaccination hubs in the state.

“The Liverpool LGA, and other neighbouring LGAs, have been identified as areas of concern for over a month and are now being relieved of their vaccine supply.

“The fact this is even necessary is because of the Morrison Government’s failure to plan and deliver for all Australians. There should be enough vaccines and safe quarantine facilities and it should have been here in January this year.

“My community have been told time and again that they must be vaccinated, and now resources are being diverted to other areas. Yet for many getting an appointment for a jab is impossible or if they do it gets cancelled. The vaccine rollout for our community has been abysmal.

“The mixed messaging must come to an end and South Western Sydney residents must stop being treated as an afterthought,” Ms Stanley said.

Paul Lynch, the State Member for Liverpool, called the announcement a disgrace.

Outrage: Anne Stanley, the federal member for Werriwa.

“It is patently absurd for the government to encourage people to be vaccinated and then reduce the opportunities for them to do so.

“The government continues to demonstrate double standards and treat Liverpool residents as second-class citizens.

“This is a disgraceful decision,” Mr Lynch said.

Liverpool City Councillor and mayoral candidate Nathan Hagarty also condemned the decision.

“This is simply outrageous. On a day with 633 cases, a vast majority in Western Sydney, the State Government is closing our local vaccination hubs for 2 and half weeks,’’ he said yesterday.

“I’ve had residents contacting me for weeks on end unable to get vaccination appointments.

“The residents of Liverpool have overwhelmingly done the right thing throughout this outbreak. We’ve stayed at home and we’ve tried to get vaccinated.

“These are some of our most disadvantaged areas. Yet the government seems hellbent on punishing and disadvantaging the people of Liverpool and Western Sydney,” Councillor Hagarty said.

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