Toll hike an attack on family budgets, says Labor candidate

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Leppington residents will be hit with massive toll increases this year, says Labor candidate Nathan Hagarty.

He says that toll hikes in 2023 are almost double the previous year.

Analysis from NSW Labor reveals that Westconnex tolls on the M4, M5 East and M8 have increased by a whopping 6.1 per cent in one go – the largest ever single toll increase.

Leppington motorists can expect to be slammed withan average annual toll bill of over $4,500 on the WestConnex M4 alone, in 2023.

Those using the M8 or M5 East will also be slammed with an average annual toll increase of over $3,800.

Mr Hagarty  says the toll increases are an attack on local families, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.

“The Liberals’ obsession with tolls is putting further pressure on the cost of living in our area,” Mr Hagarty said.

The Liverpool councillor has been endorsed by the Labor Party to run for the newly created seat of Leppington in the state election on Saturday, March 25.

“Local families are seeing increases in the cost of groceries, petrol and other goods – tolls are one area that the NSW government can choose to control, but they have continued to sit on their hands while local people suffer,” he said.

Mr Hagarty, pictured above, says that if he is elected, he will work towards reducing cost of living pressures on the people of Leppington.

“The NSW Liberals’ ideological obsession with privatised toll roads is hurting local families and their back pockets,’’ he said.

“A Minns’ Labor government that I am part of will stop the toll-mania, and put an end to the obsession of privatising our road system.

“NSW Labor has committed to putting toll revenue back into toll relief. It’s imperative that all parties support this measure and stop the attacks on local family budgets.”

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