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Technology makes it easier than ever to get the right vehicle for your needs


Pictured: Simon Humphries with new 2015 N Series

Isuzu Trucks continues to redefine the customer experience with the release of the newly updated Isuzu Sales Information System 8.0 (ISIS 8.0).

An essential part of the sales process for every new Isuzu truck, ISIS enables Isuzu truck dealers to utilise customer information to provide a superior, fit-for-application trucking solution.

The latest version of the benchmark software – ISIS 8.0 – includes optimised functionality for the next generation of touchscreen tablets and laptops, with ‘cloud’ storage of quotes that can be accessed by Isuzu truck dealer sales consultants on compatible devices at a later date.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Chief Engineer, Product Strategy Simon Humphries said ISIS 8.0 utilises smart technology to provide customers with a comprehensive electronic report on a truck’s performance and characteristics.

“The best Isuzu truck you can buy is always going to be the one that is best suited to your needs, and that is exactly what ISIS enables you to do,” Mr Humphries said.

“ISIS 8.0 allows full touch screen functionality on many tablets, laptops and hybrid devices operating on Windows 8.1 and above. This means the sales consultant can ‘build’ the customer their own Isuzu truck, in front of them – in any location.  The new version of ISIS will also still function well on older desktop PCs and laptops without touch screens”

The updated ISIS also boasts enriched vehicle graphics, and content updates including the new 2015 N series models.

“All ISIS solutions generated at Isuzu Truck dealerships can be stored onto a ‘cloud’ server for access by customers operating on any Windows compatible device around the country.

“This also means Isuzu Australia can study what our customers are looking for and continue to fine-tune our product and service offerings into the future,” Mr Humphries said.

To ensure customers are in-line with current statutory regulations and limitations, ISIS 8.0 has been updated with the new National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications checklist which can be completed within an ISIS ‘workout’.

“Not only can ISIS provide you with detailed whole-of-life costing, we can also provide you with a full analysis of how that truck will perform once loaded and over varying road conditions,” Mr Humphries said.

“Working with the information you provide, our dealers will use ISIS 8.0 to find you an Isuzu truck precisely suited to your every requirement.”


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