A little bit of magic coming out of the Sherwood kitchen

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When the old Campbelltown tennis club was transformed into Sherwood Macarthur it didn’t take long to attract a following.

Which was music to the ears of Wests Group Macarthur, who spent a bit of coin to achieve this impressive makeover.

At the official opening last November, three things stood out for those who attended the evening.

One was the design, which was modern and old school pub at the same time, the huge outdoor area, and, most of all, the food.

The menu selection continued the old school meets edgy twenty-first century vibe.

A personal favourite was finding potato scallops on the menu, which were just about exactly as I remember them while growing up in Roseberry and Mascot.

A new menu is about to be launched – next Thursday, June 6 – and the first thing I wanted to know before sitting down for a tasting of some delicacies about to be introduced was if the scallops kept their place.

Indeed they had, so they were included in selections of new and old when we ordered.

Let’s look at a couple of the new items on the menu from next week: Arancini bolognese and cauliflower in glazed honey and ginger.

These arancini are pretty big and the taste is just right.

As for the cauliflower, normally a bland vegetable, wow, the ginger and the honey are so perfectly balanced you find it hard to stop eating more of them.

How good: Rump steak with mash, cauliflower with ginger and honey and arancini bolognese at the Sherwood. TOP: pork ribs, salt and pepper king prawns and potato scallops.

But wait, there was more of that magic coming out of the kitchen run by head chef Kurtis Stewart.

We over ordered, as you will agree: pork ribs, salt and pepper king prawns, rump steak in pepper sauce with mash potato – and potato scallops of course.

There were three of us, and we did our best but could not devour everything.

We could also not agree which was the standout from all the things we tried.

What was a unanimous verdict was that anyone who pops into the Sherwood from next Thursday onwards, ought to give the cauliflower and the arancini a go – and the scallops of course.

Oh, if there’s room for some dessert, try the donuts, which come as sticks and are so more-ish it’s ridiculous.

See you at the Sherwood…

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