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Why a Service NSW centre in Edmondson Park should be top priority

There are plenty of reasons why it should be a top priority to open a Service NSW centre in Edmondson Park.

To start with, Edmondson Park, which straddles the Liverpool and Campbelltown local government areas, is one of Sydney’s fastest growing communities.

Around 6,000 new homes are earmarked for the suburb, with more than 1,000 households – around 2,273 people – already calling the suburb home.

The town centre is due for completion in 2023 and includes 1,900 new homes and apartments.

New dwellings continue to be built daily, with people pouring into Edmondson Park.

At the 2019 state election seven months ago in March, the Berejiklian Government promised to open 14 new Service NSW centres.

The centres are to include four mobile buses and 10 permanent locations to be rolled out across Sydney over the next three years.

Now local MP Anoulack Chanthivong is calling on the government to fulfil its election promise to deliver a Service NSW Centre in Edmondson Park as a matter of priority.

“Edmondson Park has a train station, it has a commercial precinct and it has a fast growing population, making it an ideal location for a new Service NSW Centre,’’ he says.

Mr Chanthivong says the local community is still reeling from the closures of the Ingleburn and Campbelltown motor registry offices in 2015.

Currently, the nearest Service NSW centres are located at Gregory Hills and Liverpool – around 20 minutes away by car or longer on public transport.

Sophie Cotsis, the opposition’s better public services spokesperson, said the Berejiklian Government was yet to deliver a key election promise for the people of Edmondson Park, a growth area desperate for infrastructure and services. 

 “Growing communities such as Edmondson Park should not have to wait to access vital face to face government services,’’ Ms Cotsis said.

“I will continue to pressure the Berejiklian Liberal Government to deliver a Service NSW Centre for Edmondson Park as a matter of priority.”

Mr Chantivong says the Edmondson Park community was already angry over the lack of other key infrastructure such as commuter car parking and schools.

“Here is a suburb that desperately needs vital infrastructure and services and it has been consistently ignored by the government,” he said. 

“The government’s pockets are full with millions of dollars in stamp duty, yet our community is forced to go begging.

“Where are the extra car parking spaces at Edmondson Park Station, so desperately needed and promised by the government? Where is the new public primary and high school to cater for the suburb’s enormous growth? 

 “When will the government fulfil its promise to deliver a new Service NSW Centre at Edmondson Park?’’

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  1. Batman October 15, 2019 at 9:26 am #

    Very true Eric ! Its a much needed service we have been lacking. The government keeps looking for ways to be efficient as opposed to being service orientated. The public PAYS for these services to be available and should we ever be able to vote on where our tax payer dollar went they themselves would be paid very differently and we would be better catered for very quickly.

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