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Why Andjelkovic will be there when Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates 70 years

South West Sydney region commuter car park activist Michael Andjelkovic will be attending a very special event for the Serbian Orthodox community this Saturday at Varroville. Indeed he received a special personal invitation from the office of the Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Australia and New Zealand.

“I am proud that my late grandfather Ljubomir (Len) Andjelkovic was a foundation member of Flemington and Cabramatta churches plus the  monastery  in Canberra, and I hope to continue our family involvement in the Serbian Orthodox Church,’’ he told Macarthur Chatter.

The church will celebrate 70 years in Australia and a new college building at the St Andrews Road, Varroville site.

“It’s an honour to be officially invited,’’ said Mr Andjelkovic, pictured, who plans to run for Liverpool Council as an independent candidate.

The religious ceremony will be followed by luncheon and cultural activities.


“I laughed when I heard Campbelltown Council has an expression of interest out for the naming rights of Campbelltown Sports Stadium,’’ read the email we received a few days ago.

It was from someone who worked at the council for many years at a reasonably high level, but obviously we can’t disclose their identity.

“This must be the 6th or 7th time it has come up in my lifetime,’’ the email said.

“Right back to before the new ground reconfiguration.

“Common sense prevailed each time under three different general managers.

“Council spends squillions’ on trying to promote Campbelltown.

“And the name of the stadium is possibly the best sporting marketing tool council has!’’


Sackville Street Public School, Ingleburn, held its annual fete today (September 5) but what’s different about it is that the whole thing was organised by a Year 6 entrepreneurial group.

The students even surveyed the school community to see which stalls to have, and met with local marketing executives and community leaders to work out how to plan a successful day.

This is a great initiative and Macarthur Chatter doesn’t want to nitpick, but here’s a bit of media advice, gang: give the journos as much notice as possible if you want your efforts covered more extensively before the event.


Another big school event this weekend is the Hurlstone Agricultural High School Country Fair.

It’s the 80th time this wonderful event, which brings the country to the city, has been held at the Glenfield school.

As many readers would be aware, the school’s days at Glenfield are numbered, so who knows, the 80th Country Fair this Saturday may be the last one ever held.


Just when you thought we were done talking about Reimagining Campbelltown, council is hosting a number of workshops and informal sessions with community and industry to talk a bit more about it.

Apparently this is part of stage II of the Reimagining strategy, which was produced by consultants at great expense to the ratepayers.

The community engagement session will take place on the morning of Saturday, September 14 at the Civic Hall in Queen Street.

This will be followed by a pop-up community session focussed on the Billabong, on site at Apex Park, Bradbury. 

 The industry workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 18 in the arts centre.


Former councillor from a long, long time ago, Frank Ward, was also a noted prolific letter writer to the newspapers.

Even now, at the grand old age of 90, Frank, who lives at Shoal Bay, is still at it, submitting his views to his local rag, the Newcastle Herald, which published two of his missives recently.

He stays in touch with what’s doing in Campbelltown and Macarthur by going online to read the South West Voice in Macarthur.

And when he gets the urge to comment on a story he visits our Facebook page.


You know we love the Wests Tigers and anything we say comes straight from the heart.

So in that spirit: we have found it quite amusing to hear the spin doctors at the club call anywhere they play home games as “our jungle’’.

Leichhardt, Campbelltown, Parramatta, SCG … that’s a lot of jungles, with all due respect.

It would be nice to have just one jungle, and from our point of view, right here at Campbelltown.

Unless the Macarthur FC Bulls get in first and name our stadium “The Bullpen’’.


The second Victress Connection breakfast showed that the big attendance of local women at the first one was no fluke.

Around 85 local businesswomen were there for the second meeting, with around 100 at the first one a month ago.

Guest speakers Laurene McKenzie and Mia Van Tubbergh gave members and guests excellent insights into social media and sales strategies.

“The feedback we have received is that people leave our events feeling empowered and uplifted,” says Victress chairwoman Emma Macfarlane.

The third gathering will be on Tuesday, October 1.

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