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Resilience and optimism keep the main street dream alive

It’s remarkable how much interest there is in Campbelltown’s main street and its future.

Anything at all that mentions Queen Street hits a chord with a lot of people.

It always lights up the comments section of the Voice in Macarthur as well as our social media sites.

Some of them are from current business owners but that makes the reaction even better.

I know a lot of the shopkeepers, from the nursery in the northern end all the way down to Maccas at the other end and the side streets in between.

And if there’s one word I’d use to describe them all is resilient.

Let’s face it: anyone with a business there has been on a hiding to nothing since the council approved Macarthur Square back in the 1970s.

Essentially that was the cause of the long term decline of our main street – in my opinion potentially one of best anywhere in this country in aesthetic terms.

Had council followed through with a 1990s plan to turn it into a world class boulevard we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

We are but that resilience gives me hope that things will eventually turn around to the point we will be asking: where would we be without our main street.

Usually we reserve that little light hearted comment about Mac Square, but what would be wrong to having that and a magnificent, thriving main street where we can sit outside to relax and socialise over a cuppa or a meal.

My piece yesterday was intended as a conversation starter, and it certainly achieved that aim.

I thank everyone who made the effort to make positive suggestions about how we can bring our main street back to life.

To show my gratitude this week’s Top 5 is dedicated to all things Queen Street.

Koshigaya Park

At the southern end of Queen Street is Koshigaya Park, a wonderful public space.

Number 1: The verdict is in and most reckon Queen Street should be returned to two way traffic. Yes, and connected to Beverley Road, as per council’s long and winding plan.

Number 2. Food, food, glorious food from every corner of the globe – and great coffee – is what should dominate in Queen Street, at least between Cordeaux Street and Dumaresq Street. The real estate agents are all slowly moving to the northern end, while the legal eagles are starting to congregate near the court. And plenty of public facilities, including toilets.

Number 3. Apartments galore. Another no brainer, and council meeds to pull out all stops to prioritise approvals – now.

Number 4. Enforcement of parking limits or alternatively introduce parking meters along the main street, but with the first half hour free.

Number 5. Hype – buskers, jugglers and other entertainers should be given a space to create something different that will bring people from out of the area. Or even a Domain type soap box for budding orators so we can all have a break from Twitter now and again.







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