Remembrance Day 2016: Lest we forget

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MP Greg Warren has paid tribute to our servicemen and women ahead of today's Remembrance Day
MP Greg Warren has paid tribute to our servicemen and women ahead of today’s Remembrance Day commemorations.

Every year, November 11 is a day when Australians commemorate one of the most significant days in our nation’s military history, Campbelltown MP and former soldier Greg Warren has told State Parliament.

Mr Warren spoke in parliament yesterday to acknowledge the significance of Remembrance Day, ahead of today’s commemoration services locally and across the country at 11am.

“Last year we marked 100 years since the Anzac forces landed on the shores of Gallipoli,’’ he said.

“Like Remembrance Day, it is a testament to the significance of our proud culture that one century later we are still honouring the sacrifice of those gallant men and women who fought in the war that was supposed to end all wars.

“Tomorrow, on Remembrance Day, we honour the service and sacrifice made by many of our great nation whilst also expressing our gratitude to those service men and women who put their lives on hold – and on the line – for duty to ensure that the history of the Anzacs and the renowned Anzac spirit live on in the Australian psyche for an eternity,’’ Mr Warren said.

Since Federation, Australian military forces have been involved in numerous wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

The service men and women in each of these operations have added to the identity of what it means to be an Anzac and, above all, what it means to be an Australian.

One of the most significant legacies from the Anzac story is that it offers knowledge and understanding to ever-changing and expanding communities within our nation about the wartime efforts and the sacrifices that were made for this nation.

“It is true that there is a story behind the service of every veteran, ex-service man and woman,’’ the MP said.

“Their stories are humbling, and I listen to them with pride.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“Throughout our communities we are fortunate to have so many who have served our country, States and local areas in so many different and varying ways.[/social_quote]

“It is well known that my electorate of Campbelltown has a high population of ex-service men and women and returned service men and women.

“I take pride in the fact that so many people want to attend the Gallipoli Anzac Day dawn service year in and year out.

“There was a particularly high attendance for the 100-year anniversary last year.

MP Greg Warren speaking in parliament.
MP Greg Warren speaking in parliament.

“There were not enough positions available for attendees at the services at Ingleburn, Campbelltown or Martin Place.

“The numbers continue to expand. This stands as testament to the fact that for over 100 years the spirit, the sentiment, the contributions and the significance of the Anzacs have not left us.

“Rightfully, the school curriculum teaches our children about the veterans, the women who supported them and kept the domestic industries alive, the organisations that sustained troops and continue to do so, the struggles that our service people faced and continue to face, and why our national character was changed forever by that war.’’

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