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Be prepared with lots of questions on WSU open day

Today we bring you a Top 5 with a difference. Current Western Sydney University student Nicola Lopino (pictured) has provided us with the Top 5 things to ask at the WSU open day on Sunday, August 14.

Figuring out the right course can sometimes be a daunting experience, so being prepared with questions to ask on the day can help prospective students feel at ease.

So here goes:

Number 1. What’s involved in this program? Western has hundreds of programs on offer, both undergraduate and postgraduate. If you find one that takes your fancy, don’t be afraid to ask about it! The staff and students involved in that program can help you decide if that’s the program for you, your interests, and your goals.

Number 2. What sort of careers can this program lead me to? If you have a particular career goal, or if you have an interest but you’re not sure where it can take you, our staff and students on campus can help you find out what your future could look like, depending on what you study.

Number 3. What can I expect from university life? At open day on Sunday, August 14, there will be plenty of current staff and students on campus who have insight into the university experience. It’s a great way to learn about what to expect when you study at WSU, beyond the classes and study. Student clubs, sporting teams, social outings, you name it, they’ve got it.

Number 4. What kind of support services are available at WSU? Students at WSU have access to a wide range of services to help them through their studies, including disability support, financial assistance, and mental health programs. Open day is a great opportunity to learn how you and your studies can be supported.

Number 5. How can I apply? In experiencing open day and learning about WSU’s range of programs, you may have decided what you want to study. There are friendly staff on campus at open day who can help you put this motivation into action, and make your application to study at WSU in 2023.

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