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The latest technologies are part of new printers from Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has launched two new office colour multifunction printers (MFP), bizhub C368 and bizhub C308, both of which feature the most advanced wireless, mobile, and cloud technology for users to easily print whenever, and wherever they like.

“As mobility plays an increasing role in today’s office, people now expect to be able to conduct all manner of business using mobile devices, says Marc Brandon, Business Solutions Product Manager, Konica Minolta.

“Not only has the rise of mobility in the workplace made many business activities easier and more flexible, it has also led to greater efficiencies of time and resources.

“Technology is central to this trend, and Konica Minolta’s new bizhub C386 and bizhub C308 multifunction printers come equipped with the latest technology to make office printing easier, faster, more efficient, more secure, and more flexible.”

Loaded with multiple remote and mobile printing technology standards, both the bizhub C386 and bizhub C308 series can be used to print from an exhaustive range of devices without the need for software drivers.

Both models come with Apple’s standard printing system, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and the Mopria Alliance Print Service standard.

This means that documents can be printed from any Apple or Android device, either wirelessly or via a local network connection.

Additionally, the bizhub C368 and the bizhub C308 series also feature the Konica Minolta Print Service facility, which means documents can be printed directly to the printers via a wireless local area network (LAN) or from an Android device.

With wireless LAN support the printers become a wireless LAN access point offering direct wireless connection to mobile devices.

With a new Mobile Touch Area added to the operation panel of the bizhub C368 and the bizhub C308 series, mobile device connection is now possible via Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology.

The printers’ multi-touch user interface (UI), which is accessible via the 9-inch operation panel screen, can also be used to display and print out web page contents. This makes it easy to print out portions of PDF files that can be viewed on websites.

As with all Konica Minolta office multifunction printers, the bizhub C368 and bizhub C308 come with plenty of paper feed options. This includs additional paper feed options that can increase the new models’ paper capacity to 6,650 sheets, which reduces printing downtime due to paper replenishment needs.

With the bizhub C368 series offering a print speed capacity of 36 colour or black and white pages per minute, and the bizhub C308 series delivering up to 30 colour or black and white pages per minute, these new multifunction printers, loaded with the latest mobile and wireless technology, can meet the demanding production and mobility needs of today’s office and surpass them.


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