Time you did the right thing by us, Premier

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We’re all happy to hear that Penrith will get $309m for the redevelopment of the NRL premiers’ home ground.

It looks nice, going by the computer generated image above, but, and let’s get straight to the point here, where’s the $300m to redevelop Campbelltown Sports Stadium?

Indeed, where is any State Government largesse for the forgotten part of Greater Western Sydney, our little patch here in outer South Western Sydney.

It might not have occurred to anyone, but people who live in Liverpool and Macarthur do not benefit when infrastructure is built at Penrith – or Parramatta or Blacktown, whether its powerhouse museums, stadiums or metro lines to the new airport.

Some of us are starting to wonder if NSW Premier Chris Minns, the member for Kogarah, even knows we exist.

Looking at his daily activities he’s either in Martin Place or Parramatta, to announce something or other.

They call this government by announcement, and Minns is very diligent when it comes to it.

Rest of the time he’s on social media boasting how we are the best or biggest at something in the southern hemisphere, you know, a bunch of Third World countries in South America and Africa, plus Australia, New Zealand and the South Pole.

Yep, good one, Minnsy, except you forgot that everyone can Google everything now so you can’t even fool some of the people some of the time.

Well, the first anniversary of his government is coming up, so maybe it could be a good time to start giving this patch out here a fair go.

Starting with giving our local member, Greg Warren, the ministerial job he should already have.

And looking at some of his current ministers, they’re so hopeless there’s no shortage of candidates for the chop.

The police and transport minister are two that come to mind that could make way for the hard working member for Campbelltown.

And we also want that $300m to redevelop our stadium at Campbelltown, and a rail link from Macarthur to the new airport at Badgerys Creek.

And that’s just for starters.

We’re doing the right thing helping to ease the housing crisis by supporting thousands of new homes out here.

Time you did the right thing by us, Premier.

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