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Our major political parties have hit integrity for six

Many residents are still not connected to NBN, but not a word has been said during this election campaign about this and other real issues for voters.

It would be easy to choose the person who was on social media this morning asking if there is an election on as the dunderhead of the week.

Then comes along the botched egg attack on Scott Morrison in Albury and we have us a new contender, ladies and gentlemen.

The two extremes seem to rule right now.

On this side we have those who have completely disengaged from the political process to the point where they don’t even know if an election is on and have to resort to appealing for information on social media.

And across the road are all those who are way, way over engaged and need little egging on to force their particular view of the world on the rest of us.

Not much choice, if we’re being honest with each other.

A sad state of affairs, and our so called leaders of the past 10 years can take the lion’s share of the blame.

They can point all day to social media as the chief cause of the decline in the integrity of our political system, but they are wrong, and they know it.

Just take a quick look at this election and it tells you everything you need to know about this sad state of affairs.

Basically the campaign comes down to a good, old fashioned auction of who’s offering more money; the Libs say we have tax cuts legislated, Labor responds theirs will be even more generous.

Both are promising to spend a few billion here and some more billion there – and who cares about the half a trillion dollar national debt.

There is no battle of ideas, no genuine attempt to look at real challenges and yet they expect us to take them seriously and vote for one or the other.

Fuelled by career politicians, both major political parties are interested in just one thing: doing whatever it takes to get into power to enjoy the spoils of victory; the chauffeured limos, helicopter rides even, the overseas travel, the fine dining, etc, etc.

And it’s just as appalling they spend millions on advertising but hardly  a dollar to vet their own candidates for election.

Well, most ordinary people have come to the conclusion these political entities are letting down the entire nation as well as all the good men and women who are members of their own parties.

Still, the day of reckoning can’t be too far away – indeed it could even be on Saturday, May 18.

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