Next stop Casula for flamenco performer Pepa Molina

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Ole! Pepa Molina will take part in flamenco workshops at Casula Powerhouse arts centre.

Next stop for critically acclaimed Madrid based performer, choreographer and producer, Pepa Molina is Liverpool.

Or Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to be more precise, where Pepa will be part of exciting flamenco dance workshops both tomorrow, June 20 and the following Saturday, June 27.

It’s not the first time Pepa has been to our wonderful arts facility – late last month she performed Pentenera, a dramatic and dark flamenco, for the opening of the Death exhibition.

Pepa has performed in some of the most renowned national and international music and dance festivals, and Flamenco tablaos.

In Spain she taught at Casa Patas Conservatorium, The Antonio Canales School of Dance and Amor de Dios.

Do not miss this opportunity to join Pepa for these flamenco dance and rhythm workshops.

This is an opportunity to gain a thorough insight into the rich and complex flamenco art form.

Learn how the dance, rhythm and song relate to each other and work together to evoke the most powerful of dances, its origins and how the art form has evolved. Beginners welcome.

If you plan to attend, organisers recommend that women go along in three quarter/full length comfortable dance skirt, maillot/t-shirt and comfortable shoes with small sturdy heel.

For men they recommend t-shirt, pants, comfortable leather boots or shoes.

WHAT: Flamenco workshops with Pepa Molina.

WHEN: Saturday, June 20 and Saturday, June 27;

TIME: 10.30am – 12pm;

COST: $10;

t. 9824 1121



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