New scheme makes it easier for agents to tender for government projects

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The NSW Government has launched a new scheme to make it easier for real estate agents, including small and medium sized enterprises, to tender for the provision of government contracts.

The new scheme, managed entirely online, simplifies the procurement process to create a pool of service ready real estate sales professionals.

The government says it builds on the success of the Real Property Sales Agent Prequalified Panel introduced in 2015.

Real estate sales agents with experience in all types of property transactions including residential, commercial, industrial and heritage, can apply to join the scheme at any time.

Property NSW CEO, Brett Newman, said agents appointed to the scheme will have the opportunity to work with Property NSW on the sale of a range of under utilised and surplus government-owned assets.

He explained: “The new scheme boasts a number of improvements including the ability for real estate agents to apply to join at any time and the option for agents to apply for specific regions, levels and types of work which best suit their expertise.

“Importantly, the new scheme supports small and medium enterprises by allowing agents to update their profile as their sales experience grows, increasing their eligibility to deliver larger and more complex projects,” Mr Newman said.

NSW Government agencies, state owned corporations and local governments can also access the scheme to procure services from the range of prequalified agents across NSW, making it easier to appoint and manage sales agents to deliver services on behalf of government.


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