Time to call out some of the bull from negative people

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There are way too many negative people in the world to call them out all at once. It’s best to just pick one lot at a time.

And for this Top 5 instalment my mind has turned to the people who currently delight in bagging the Macarthur FC Bulls.

It’s not clear where these people are coming from, but it’s certainly not from a sympathetic point of view for our very own A-League team.

Some will no doubt have an agenda, an axe to grind so to speak, but either way I find their incessant criticism of the Bulls to be way over the top.

These so called critics point to very low attendances at Campbelltown Stadium when the Bulls play home games as proof they will never amount to anything.

My default response is: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And while we’re not here to make excuses for low attendances, it’s true the club could not have started at a worse possible time in history.

The first two years of the club’s history, 2020 and 2021, were the Covid-19 pandemic era, and we all still vividly recall the restrictions and lockdowns imposed by governments.

Indeed, in the early days fans were prevented from attending games, while later on they could attend but had to wear masks once inside the stadium.

But the main point to make here is that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Nobody, nowhere was able to become a success in no time at all.

Even when they say somebody has had a “meteoric’’ rise it doesn’t mean they went from tea lady to chief executive in a day or two.

We all have to pay our dues before we become “instant’’ hits.

There are plenty of examples of “overnight success’’ stories that in reality took years. Here’s the Top 5 from some of our favourites:

Number 1. The late and lamented Steve Jobs of Apple fame. He started dabbling with computers in the mid 1970s but only made it really big when the first iphone was released in the new millennium.

Number 2. Man landed on the moon in 1969 after many years of trying to conquer space.

Number 3. John Howard became PM in 1996 but it took almost 10 years before the people started talking of him as one of our best ever.

Number 4. The Beatles, arguably the greatest band of all time, had to perform several times a night in seedy Hamburg joints before anyone started taking serious notice of them.

Number 5. The South West Voice in Macarthur. It’s true, plenty of people said we’d never make it, yet here we are into our ninth year and stronger than ever. But we’re certainly not an overnight sensation!

6 thoughts on “Time to call out some of the bull from negative people”

  1. Absolutely. There are some very passionate supporters that are trying very hard to promote our team. Like you said, Rome wasn’t built in a day and COVID was a big issue 🐃💛🤍🖤

  2. Well said, people act like all other teams get 50,000 each week. Yes I would love our numbers to be higher we just have to ride it out, time and success breeds support.

  3. Thank you, Eric and South West Voice. You cover a wide range of subjects and I enjoy reading them all. I learn of a lot of local projects happening through your emails and Facebook page. I encourage all my friends to “sign up” to South West Voice.

  4. Macarthur Bulls has more potential than any other team that has tried to make it in Macarthur. And yes it sadly lacks crowds at the games I think it needs some famous people to get involved to raise the profile Jimmy Barnes would be an excellent choice he is nearly local!

  5. Agree Eric.

    There are too many people bagging the A League. It has its faults but it is Australia’s competition.

    I wish Macarthur the best.

    Frankly our code could do without some of the complainants. We are not returning to the NSL days which had major issues.

    If people do not want to look to the future they should remain quiet.

    There are doers and critics in the world. Unfortunately critics are more common.


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