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Myrtle Cottage, Disability Macarthur to join forces

Stronger together: Disability Macarthur ceo Annamaria Wood and Myrtle Cottage manager Elizabeth Delcasse discussing their recent Sunflower Cottage premises collaboration, which will now be used for programs by both organizations.

Myrtle Cottage and Disability Macarthur are joining forces to provide even better services.

Both standout organisations in their own right, they have already taken the first steps towards collaboration, with the aim of bringing a better understanding of community services in the Macarthur region. 

Myrtle Cottage manager Elizabeth Delcasse says the proposed partnership between the two organisations is a result of years of networking and working towards a common goal.

  “In recent times, national funding reform has become a significant issue for disability services, so by coming together and exploring opportunities and resources we have in common just makes sense,” Ms Delcasse said.

“Nothing is going to change for our clients, staff or volunteers. We are talking about sharing resources and our knowledge, to grow better services for our own community.”

Disability Macarthur chief executive officer Annamaria Wood said the partnership would mean both organisations could work together in a more meaningful way, bringing improved services to people of all ages who need support. 

“Both services are very similar and we have so much in common with Myrtle Cottage, it’s an easy fit to be working together,’’ Ms Wood said.

“It will be a very useful partnership moving into a new funding reform space.

  “There will be little change to services for both organisations and management will keep the community and their clients up-to-date as the union moves forward.

“We ask any questions and feedback be directed to the contacts offered below,” Ms Wood said. 

Myrtle Cottage is a community-based, not for profit organisation, enabling people who are ageing, have dementia and or have a disability to live richer and more independent lives.

Disability Macarthur is also a not for profit organisation which has been caring for children and families through a number of support programs for more than 30 years. 

 More information about the two organisations can be found online at: or

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