Merry Christmas everyone

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Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas.

The big day is finally here for kids big and small and they will all be hoping for lots of packages from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree have their names on them.

Which is as it should be. Just ask Santa’s helper in my household, who believes that everyone deserves to get several presents and dismisses arguments to the contrary with: Just one present? Don’t be ridiculous!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, along with every other human being on the planet, I was out for last minute supplies.

On more than one occasion I overheard a fellow human say: All this for just one day!

Yes, indeed.

There were queues for prawns at the fish markets, Woolies ran out of trolleys and you just could not move inside the shopping centre.

And that was after a frustrating 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot anywhere.

The impatience was palpable.

And yet it was exciting to be part of that jostling throng, all there making sure they had everything they needed for Christmas Day to be perfect for themselves and their families.

And what’s wrong with that?

Someone else said: and they will all come back after Christmas and act as though the shops have been closed for a month.

Yes, well, so what, we modern humans have the urge to shop. That’s why they build shopping centres.

And at Christmas more so than any other time of the year.

Because it’s our very special big day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and we just like to go the extra yard to make sure it’s always memorable.

I wish all of you out there a great day with your families.

Merry Christmas.


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