Mayoral ponytail gonna get the chop for good cause

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Campbelltown mayor George Greiss is usually photographed front on so not many people would realise he has really long hair – way down past his neck.

Of course, while on official duties his hair is neatly tied into a ponytail, which makes it even harder to spot from the front.

A few months ago though I sat almost directly behind him and I was able to confirm my suspicion that he had a ponytail.

With my camera already poised I did not resist the temptation to take the picture that adorns this yarn.

I did raise it with him, in a casual setting, making it clear that it wasn’t on the record.

Mayor Greiss explained that when he started doing his PhD degree in geography and urban planning at Western Sydney University, he decided that he wouldn’t get a haircut until he completed his academic undertaking.

That was around five years ago, and after recently handing in his thesis, he decided it was time for the ponytail to go.

This week an invitation arrived in the mail, which was addressed this way:

“The Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Greiss invites you and a guest to a special event.

“Friday 21 October 2022
6pm to 8pm
Campbelltown Arts Centre

“In good fun and to raise much needed funds for the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre, located at Campbelltown Hospital, the Mayor is cutting his long hair,’’ the invite said.

“All funds raised will go towards providing wigs for the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centres wig library.’’

The mayor himself said that doctors and nurses at Campbelltown Hospital’s Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre “do an amazing job each day providing important medical services and caring for people in our community’’.

“When I started my PhD, I committed to growing my hair out until it was finished. With my studies now complete I thought this would be a good opportunity to raise funds for a worthy cause in the lead up to the mayoral gala dinner,” he said.

As for this old journo, I will be attending to record the mayoral haircut for posterity, but anyone in the community can bid to do the first cut or just donate by visiting GalaBid.

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