Mayor, council officers to check out Macquarie Fields bat colony

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Campbelltown Mayor George Greiss, along with senior council officers, will soon check out the grey headed flying fox colony at Macquarie Fields.

Mayor Greiss has told the South West Voice in Macarthur today that while no date has been set for the visit he is keen to inspect the bat colony and talk with the affected residents.

“Yes, I would like to see for myself what the situation is like and listen to the concerns of the residents on Myee Road,’’ he said.

One of the residents, Jim Bucknall, wrote an email to the mayor on January 18, inviting him to visit the site.

“Mr Mayor the residents of Myee Road would like to meet and invite you and your council to have a look and inspect the conditions we are living under with rats, mice, bats, and ibis birds,’’ Mr Bucknall said in the email.

“Residents are sure you are unaware of these conditions and close proximity of the creek to our dwellings.

“The residents between 42 and 58 Myee Road do want action from council. Residents are sure you will agree if you see our living conditions.’’

Mr Bucknall informed the mayor that the bats are still present in their thousands and “the noise, squawking, stench, pooping on vehicles, washing, fences, driveways and houses is still happening’’.

“The stench is unbearable to us residents from 42 to 58 Myee Road.

“Residents have noticed council has done some minor cleaning at Saywell Road but only to the top embankment of the creek, not actually in the creek where it is required,’’ Mr Bucknall said in his email to the mayor.

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