About face on Macarthur to airport Metro rail link

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Forty days before facing the voters, the 12 year old NSW Liberal-National Government has made an 180 degree turnaround on a rail link between Macarthur and the new airport at Badgerys Creek.

Up until yesterday’s announcement it was to be a Metro from the airport and St Marys only. Macarthur was supposed to get some sort of “rapid bus service.

But yesterday (February 12) Premier Dom Perrottet stood in a paddock that will be the site of the Aerotropolis, and promised six to seven “potential’’ station locations along a 23 kilometre track to Macarthur.

He said the government would also undertake the final business case for Bankstown to Glenfield – 20 kilometres of track, with the number of stations to be determined.

There were no details, and just one timeline: it would be done if the government were re-elected on March 25.

The Macarthur and Bankstown Metro plans were part of four new Metro lines announced, with the other two Tallawong to St Marys and Westmead to the Aerotropolis.

The first step is a coordinated strategic business case to determine which link needs to start first, says the government.

The Premier said this “major expansion will deliver the missing links in the Sydney Metro network, transforming Western Sydney with around 100km of new track’’.

“These new lines will complete the missing links in the metro network in the west and connect our city like never before in what will be a major win for the people of Western Sydney, providing them with even better transport services,’’ Mr Perrottet said.

“We are future-proofing the transport needs of our city, to ensure people can travel quickly and safely while also supporting thousands of jobs, additional housing and access to services across region.

“Our long term economic plan is delivering major rail projects for the future and will support communities as they grow,” the premier said.

A computer generated image of the Metro station at the Aerotropolis, and, top, a map of the entire Metro system in Sydney once the “missing links” are built.

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