We got lift fixed at Leumeah railway station: One Nation

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The One Nation candidate for Campbelltown has hit out at Labor’s Greg Warren for taking credit for the Leumeah station lift getting fixed.

Adam Zahra, pictured above at Leumeah station, says it was swift action from One Nation that got the lift fixed after weeks of it being non-operational.

In January, Mr Zahra says he was out campaigning early at Leumeah station, a busy train station with hundreds of local commuters heading out to work when he noticed the lift was closed.

“What took me by surprise was a young mum lugging a pram with child up the stairwell,’’ he says.

“I dropped my flyers and helped her up. I was then told the lift has been out of order for weeks.

“In speaking with other commuters, I was stunned to hear the lift at Leumeah was regularly out of action and for considerable long periods – on this occasion for a staggering four weeks!

“I immediately raised the matter on Facebook and reached out to NSW One Nation Party Leader Mark Latham.

“By 9am I received an email from Mr Latham with a list of questions that had been put to the Minister for Transport David Elliott for an urgent response and action:

1) Why is the lift on the western side of Leumeah been out of action for three weeks, with significant inconvenience to commuters, especially the disabled, elderly and parents with prams?

2) When will the lift be fixed?

3) Has the Government set a maximum time priority within which it expects these facilities to be repaired at busy railway stations?

“These Questions on Notice (QON) were also followed up with the minister’s chief of staff,’’ says Mr Zahra.

“Workers were onsite repairing the lift at Leumeah, a mere two days after One Nation raised the matter and the lifts were fully operational within a week of the initial enquiry.

“Soon after my Facebook post Mr Greg Warren, long term Labor member for Campbelltown called and advised me that he had no idea the lift was shut and thanks to my public action he too would be in touch with the minister.

“I said thank you, but no need I had already contacted Mr Latham.

“I was taken aback but not surprised to see Greg Warren’s Facebook post soon after claiming credit – typical Labor.

“Nonetheless I’m delighted the lift at Leumeah is now operational.”

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  1. If you want instant action and want things done.. Go see the NO BULL One Nation people who use actions not words.
    This is the only way to move forward In NSW.
    No more Labor or Liberal cheap talk with fake promises.


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