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Peter says let’s hear it for new cochlear implant

Neuro Zti , a new cochlear implant.

Peter Gohl became the first Australian to receive Neuro Zti , a new cochlear implant.

Peter Gohl had struggled with hearing loss for many years as a result of numerous surgeries related to problems in his middle ear.

In 2017 the septuagenarian’s hearing loss had progressed to the point where a hearing aid would no longer be beneficial, particularly in his right ear.

By the end of last year Peter Gohl became the first Australian to receive a revolutionary new cochlear implant.

The implant team from Ear Science Institute Australia – the largest cochlear implant unit in WA – recommended the Oticon Medical Neuro cochlear implant for Peter.

The Neuro Zti is a ground breaking new cochlear implant which became available in Australia last year.

It has the world’s smallest surgical footprint, which means less time in surgery, minimal scarring and a quicker recovery time for the patient.

Peter chose the Oticon Medical implant after enquiring with both the Ear Science Institute Australia and Oticon Medical.

“I was interested to know when the Neuro would be available for implantation in Australia as I had enjoyed a high level of benefit from wearing dual Oticon Agil Pro Power hearing aids for several years,” Peter said.

The Neuro is the first cochlear implant from Oticon Medical.

The Oticon Medical Neuro cochlear implant Neuro Zti

The Oticon Medical Neuro cochlear implant Neuro Zti

Alongside the smallest surgical footprint in the industry, it offers an ultra compact, award winning implant design, coupled with unique sound processing and wireless capabilities.

It is designed to overcome severe to profound perceptive hearing loss and consists of two parts.

The Neuro Zti is a small implant that is placed under the skin on the bone.

The Neuro One sound processor is the external part that is worn behind the ear. A lead connects it to an antenna that is magnetically attached to the skin.

Tracey King from Oticon Medical Australia said: “We are delighted to announce that the first implantation of Oticon Medical’s Neuro Zti cochlear implant was a great success.

“We are already looking forward to improving the lives of so many more Australians, with a number of surgeries scheduled already this year. This was a wonderful end to an incredibly rewarding year.”

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