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Into the Night: community events something to shout about

The success of last Friday night’s after dark activation of Ingleburn’s Oxford Road could be a pointer to how we brand both Campbelltown and the rest of the Macarthur region.

The people of Ingleburn voted with their feet and attended Into the Night in droves, with estimates of around 2,000 people dropping in to enjoy one of the many activities on offer.

The charm of the retail area of Oxford Road is mainly the fact that it is not very long and so is easily negotiable on foot.

Put 500 people there at any one time and the village atmosphere is palpable.

That’s what you got last Friday, with lots of families ice skating and business was brisk at several local restaurants, with some of them reportedly selling out of all food stock.

The street performer was also very popular and it’s wonderful that people still like some old fashioned fun: there was a long line up for the telescopes with the Macarthur Astronomical Society.

This one of a kind community party on the longest night of the year was a direct result of feedback from the Love Ingleburn consultation sessions where residents expressed that they wanted more night time and community events in Ingleburn.

Campbelltown Council’s Love Ingleburn place making project is all about beautification works to add vibrancy to Ingleburn and build on the village feel that residents value.

Into the Night was the icing on the cake and is obviously something the council ought to look into for other part of the community.

A similar event on the western side of the railway, around Raby, St Andrews and Eagle Vale could be considered to help bring the community together.

There could be another around Ruse and Leumeah on the east side and down south Ambarvale and Rosemeadow could share one Into the Night.

And to go back to the branding reference at the top of this piece, such events should be promoted in and out of the area as special, as what we do around here, and what great communities we have.

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