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If two plus two equals five political correctness has won

After deciding to take a look at political correctness for Top 5, my next thought was, is it politically correct to do that?

Does that mean that PC is actually more like a contagious disease than a philosophical point of view?

And then there were the words of Miranda Devine still ringing in my ears a week after I listened to her speech at the Campbelltown Rotary business breakfast.

The Tele columnist alluded to the possibility that with the exception of one or two brutes among us, men are too scared to be anything but PC these days.

In any case, there’s little doubt that political correctness is a very pervasive ideology, if not downright nasty in certain situations.

Nasty because these days if you don’t agree with a certain point of view, boy, you’re going to cop it on social media.

Then again PC may be part of the return of good manners, where, you know, as your grandmother used to tell you, if you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything at all.

That would be nice indeed but I am not so sure.

If that was the correct approach, how should the cartoonist behind the Serena Williams furore have drawn her after her dummy spit at the US Open final?

To understand the real dangers PC poses to our way of life, read George Orwell’s 1984, where citizens pay a heavy price if they don’t go along with ideas that are obviously wrong.

For example, if the government says two plus two equals five then it’s true and to argue against it is a crime.

We’re not that bad yet, but arguably heading that way,

Here’s our Top 5 guide to picking out PC.

Number 1. It’s a ban on so called sexist words like “he’’ and “man’’.

Number 2. Geographically, it tends to be more prevalent in the inner city, but it is starting to spread out to the suburbs.

Number 3. Generally it’s an approach favoured by people on the left of the political spectrum and all politicians.

Number 4. When someone says, you can’t say that, you know you’re in PC country.

Number 5. It’s really great for people without a sense of humour.


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