Hot tips on how to prepare your home for sale

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It pays to prepare your home for sale.
It pays to prepare your home for sale.

Staging is a crucial detail when selling your home and a good real estate agent will give you tips on how to prepare your home for sale.

It is a well-known fact that presentation is directly related to selling price.

Your real estate agent will compare your home to recent sales in your area and then suggest an approximate selling price.

A list of your home’s positive features and exclusive details will then be documented to acknowledge this great opportunity for potential buyers.

This evaluation will likely include suggestions on where to improve overall appeal. Advice may range from clearing out crowded rooms to a fresh coat of paint. The next step includes working diligently to sell your home and for top dollar.

So why should you stage your home before meeting with an agent?

This enables you to showcase all of your hard work, as well as providing the realtor with the first viewing when your home looks its absolute best. A well staged home is attractive to potential buyers and ready to sell immediately. That means more money in your pocket as well as a quicker sale. A positive first impression will often produce immediate results!

So where do you begin?  First and foremost, clear the clutter from all visible areas. If it does not belong on the floor, remove it. That means dirty clothes, kids’ toys, old magazines, income tax files, boxes of books, etc. Pack early and get it out of the way.

Ensure that all countertops are free of unnecessary items. Remove most family photos and personal items from walls and remaining areas.

Cleanliness is extremely important, so a thorough clean of your home from top to bottom is a must. Vacuum or steam clean all carpets. Clean the windows and mirrors. Thoroughly cleanse the kitchen and bathrooms. Remove dust and cobwebs from all areas, especially light fixtures. Clean the walls. Where you can, patch, paint or fix any imperfections.

Perform a room-by-room inventory to determine your furniture situation. Move or edit furniture to reduce personal items and ensure improvement to the flow of the space.

Move excess furniture to empty or underutilized rooms to give them a more lived-in look. Prepare for your future move (you are moving eventually, remember?) by packing and storing unnecessary items.

Clean out closets and storage areas that are too full – you want to show full potential of each individual space/area that you have within the home.

Don’t forget about the exterior. Tidy the yard and garden so that they are free of weeds and debris. Remove the clutter from the patio and deck. Add flowers for a touch of colour.

Remember – you want to impress your agent as well as potential buyers. Creating a good feeling about your home will present a positive attitude all around.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]Home staging will help to create that positive impression and improve the selling process.[/social_quote]

Spending a little time to plan, and perhaps investing some money on preparing for the sale (staging), will absolutely result in a faster, higher priced sale.

Undoubtedly, your investment will cost less than the price of your first reduction.

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