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Historic water reservoir to be preserved: Labor promise

The Hurley Park cattle tanks and reservoir have seen better days.

Located a stone’s throw from the heart of Campbelltown’s commercial centre, the tanks and the reservoir were built by convicts from the Liverpool iron-gang in the 1830s – with silt traps also constructed to act as water purifiers.

The reservoir supplied Campbelltown residents with water until 1888 when it was replaced with water piped from Kenny Hill.

 The reservoir was so effective in supplying Campbelltown residents with water that it only ran dry once during its five decades in operation.

Much of the site now has a wire fence erected around the outside to ensure pedestrian safety but local MP Greg Warren believes such an important historic site deserves a better fate than to fade away.

So after recently visiting the site with the party’s Lands spokesman Mick Veitch, Mr Warren has now announced that a NSW Labor Government will help preserve and restore the Hurley Park tanks and reservoir.

Both Mr Warren and Mr Veitch said they were determined not to let the cattle tanks and reservoir suffer irreparable damage.

Restoration pledge: Campbelltown MP Greg Warren, right, and Labor lands spokesman Mick Veitch at the historic Hurley Park cattle tanks and reservoir.

NSW Labor, if elected to government at the March 23 election, will work with Campbelltown Council to determine what is needed to fully restore the historic cattle tanks and reservoir.

“I do not want to see our precious local heritage become history,’’ says Mr Warren.

 “The Hurley Park cattle tanks and reservoir are historic Campbelltown gems and it would be a disaster to see them reduced to ruins.

 “For 50 years the reservoir provided Campbelltown residents with the water they needed to survive – now it’s up to us to make sure this local landmark doesn’t deteriorate beyond repair.

  “A NSW Labor government will work with Campbelltown Council to ensure the cattle tanks and reservoir are restored and preserved.”

  Mr Veitch said he was focused on preserving our colonial history wherever it is possible.

 “I really look forward to working with Campbelltown Council and other stakeholders regarding the restoration and preservation of the Hurley Park cattle tanks and reservoir,” he said.

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