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Here’s cheers to a Ristretto cafe in Bigge Park

Ristretto cafe

Salute: The Shed’s Frank Angilletta earlier today at Bigge Park.

And then there were two.

Ristretto cafes that is, now operating in Liverpool, with the second one on the edge of Bigge Park, near Liverpool Hospital.

Called The Shed By Ristretto, it is also run by the man who created the super successful Northumberland Street outlet a few years back, Frank  Angilletta.

He was hampered by the heavy rain since opening The Shed on Monday, but was confident that once the sunny weather returns this new venture will be just as popular as its older brother up the road.

He said work would resume on the outdoor area facing the hospital on Friday.

“It would be nice to get some good weather,’’ he said.

Ristretto cafeThe café is the result of a Liverpool Council initiative as part of what it calls “building the Liverpool of the future’’.

Bigge Park will receive a massive facelift as part of the plans, the first of which was the opening of a pop up café.

Overall plans include the reopening of Macquarie Mall to one way traffic after hours and the development of riverside land along the Georges River.Ristretto cafe






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