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craigkellyOur local politicians do get around a lot, some more than others of course, but generally it’s a very hectic lifestyle for the majority of them. The federal member for Hughes and nice bloke Craig Kelly, who is definitely one of the more active ones, posted on Facebook details of his attendance at the Coptic New Year celebrations last Saturday night. He is pictured here with Bishop Daniel, Victor Dominello and Nick Vavaris. Oops, we nearly forgot, the guest of honour was some fellow called Tony Abbott, but in any case, everyone knows what our Prime Minister looks like so no piccy of him in this case.


Speaking of politicians and Facebook, the member for Werriwa, Laurie Ferguson, posted the following this week: “Macquarie Fields resident Teigan Blackshaw who hails from Yarram, Victoria was a recent exhibitor at the Benevolent Society show for artists living with mental health. I was so impressed with her work, Deadly Cocktail, that I purchased it for the office. It centres on medication which often treats conditions but in her words, often gives a new symptom. Teigan was a casino croupier for five years before being hit by fibro-myalgia. This condition involves an overreaction by the nervous system. She gives an example that when you get severe flu, you have physical impacts. She has them almost constantly even when unaffected by the flu. Teigan is a long way down the road in marshalling her first exhibition. Her contact details are, mobile 0437 859 605, her website is www.teiganblackshaw.com.au and her email address info@teiganblackshaw.com.au. Laurie is pictured with Teigan here.ferguson1


The East Campbelltown Eagles, who won this year’s Sydney Shield rugby league premiership after having been booted out of country competition Group Six 12 months earlier, are obviously very happy with how they have bounced back on their feet. In a thank you note to supporters, including sponsors, the club ends by saying: “our club is so happy to turn around what group 6 had done to us in 2013’’.


Last week’s feature on the “Wiz’’, Steve Wisbey, (pictured below) quickly became the most popular story we have published so far in the South West Voice. But just a week later, a piece about mental health and how anxiety is the biggest issue for women has put the “Wiz” in second spot after it was published on Tuesday night. By the next morning it had double the number of readers! It’s just another incredible thing you get with internet or online newspapers, instant figures of how many people are reading what, for how long and so on. I used to be just relieved to be out of print newspapers, now, after barely three months, I can clearly see where the future is and the Gutenberg printing press is nowhere near it.10wisbey

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