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Hang in there, folks, the eternal NSW election campaign is almost over

What an election campaign we’ve been through!

What, you didn’t know there was an election on?

No, well who could blame you.

It has not exactly been an excitement filled exercise these past few weeks, stadium knock down and rebuilds aside.

Although in one area the election campaign has been as traditional as any we’ve seen in recent years.

And that’s in bringing out all the fringe dwellers from both side of politics.

From the left we’ve had the flat earthers demanding that not one more tree be cut between Liverpool and Mittagong in the name of development.

Everyone knows there is a lot of development going on in Macarthur and South West Sydney, but some of the views published could only be described as balderdash.

And on the other side we’ve calls for even more development, when what we need is a little balance, a slower pace.

But that’s always the way with people who see politics everywhere they look, not to mention a conspiracy theory on every corner.

Mercifully, the rest of us, that is most of us, have quietly sat on the sidelines watching the wheels go round.

The polls say Labor and the Coalition are neck and neck so we’re headed for minority government in NSW – we’ll see.

In any case, there were some interesting people and moments over the past two months or so, and here’s our Top 5 of those in South West Sydney and Macarthur:

Will Wollondilly go independent by electing Judy Hannan this Saturday?

Number 1. How good was it to see both major parties scrambling to promise commuter car parking, thanks in part to the work of just one local resident, Michael Andjelkovic, who is running as an independent in Liverpool. The power of one, indeed.

Number 2. Another stand out candidate is Judy Hannan, who must be worrying the government because they have targeted some attacks on the former mayor of Wollondilly. The Libs would have been better making Hannan their candidate; the seat would be theirs now.

Number 3. We don’t get to vote in Camden, but if we did, Andrew Simpson, another independent candidate of quality, would get strong consideration of our vote. Intelligent, articulate and passionate about Camden, Simpson offers local voters a very good alternative choice to the majors.

Number 4. The lack of activity from the Liberal Party in Campbelltown and Macquarie Fields. Their silence is deafening.

Number 5. Once upon a time all candidates would invite media to their election parties but not no more. Some still do but the good old days are gone.

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