Greg Warren is not taking anything or anyone for granted

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After eight years as an opposition MP, Greg Warren looks set to be part of a Labor Government – and almost certainly as a minister.

But he knows there are no guarantees in life or politics, so he’s not taking anything for granted when it comes to the March 25 state election.

First he has to win four more years himself as the member for Campbelltown.

Secondly his party has to win the election and have enough seats to be able to form government.

Mr Warren has been a shadow minister for Western Sydney, Veterans and Local Government for much of the past four year term.

But he tells the South West Voice in Macarthur he’s not counting his chicks before they hatch.

“All I ever wanted to be was the best local member I could be,’’ he says.

“You can’t always give everyone what they want all the time, but what you can always do is your best.

“Everything I do and say is based on what the people here in Campbelltown want, our local families and businesses.

“So what I’d like to see over the next four years is our schools fixed up, adequate investment on road and rail connectivity and our health services upgraded to the level they need to be,’’ says Mr Warren.

Campbelltown Hospital was officially opened in the past few months following the completion of the massive $630 million redevelopment.

But having a shiny new hospital hasn’t stopped the complaints to Mr Warren’s office about long delays in the emergency ward.

“We have great staff at this hospital who work so hard, but there’s just not enough of them,’’ says Mr Warren.

“Everyone says how amazing they are, the hospital’s great, and I am proud of our community.

“But what we get is emails from people saying they’ve been sitting in the emergency ward for six, seven or even eight hours.

“So that’s a priority for me over the next four years.’’

Mr Warren, who was first elected in 2015, says people voting for you, putting their trust in you is one of the greatest privileges in life, “second only to fatherhood’’.

“The seat was held by the Liberal Party, who won it in 2011, so one thing I like about people of Campbelltown is that they will reward good behaviour, but punish bad behaviour,’’ he says.

“It is a real privilege to serve the people in Campbelltown, and I appreciate their support.

“I’d never take their faith in me for granted.’’

As well as hospital staffing needs, in the past four years Mr Warren has highlighted several other issues.

They include upgrading Appin Road, bringing a Service NSW centre in Campbelltown, and funding to turn Campbelltown Stadium into a modern, 21st century sporting facility.

Mr Warren says he is confident a Labor Government would tackle these and other urgent issues in Campbelltown.

Appin Road? “Yeah, especially that 10.4 km between Fitzgibbon Lane and the roundabout at Appin, I am very confident we’ll get it done in our first term,’’ he said.

“It’s been way too long, we have to upgrade that road.’’

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