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Glen Alpine is more than a prestige housing estate

A Glen Alpine property.

Iconic suburb: a Glen Alpine property.

Glen Alpine – because your address says a lot about who you are, one advertisement said in the 1990s.

And while this was part of the marketing of the new suburb by developer Lend Lease, there was a lot more to it at the time.

Desperate for some growth in the 1960s and 1970s, Campbelltown accepted thousands of Housing Commission homes in new suburbs such as Claymore, Airds, Macquarie Fields and Rosemeadow.

But you should be careful what you wish for.

While plenty of the new residents who were Housing Commission tenants were decent working class people, some were not.

As crime and anti social behaviour increased, Campbelltown came to be seen through that negative prism, especially by outsiders.

It was only a housing estate, but Glen Alpine brought hope to the rest of the residents that things could change for the better.

A “prestige’’ housing estate right in the heart of the town became a turning point and galvanised the authorities to reduce the level of social housing as a percentage of privately owned properties.

Everyone in Campbelltown became fascinated with Glen Alpine, with its huge blocks, some almost half an acre, and imposing residences.

Everyone who was anyone bought at Glen Alpine and the rest aspired to live there one day.

“Perfection’’ was probably stretching it a bit but Glen Alpine was a transformative agent in Campbelltown.

Now Campbelltown Council is faced with a development application from one Glen Alpine owner that has residents worried their iconic suburb may be about to change forever.

The plan is to build four homes where one is now: it’s as simple as that.

It will be a tough decision for the councillors when they meet to vote on it tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 25) so wish them luck.




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