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Get your questions ready for our A-League club’s forum

Here’s hoping there’s plenty of non soccer people at the Macarthur South West Sydney United community forum next week in Campbelltown and also the next one after that in Cabramatta. Why would I say that? Easy.

The success of this club won’t be achieved off the back of just the support of football true believers.

What our very own A-League club will need to do is convert as many people s people to the round ball code of football.

How you do that will be up to the club and luckily there is plenty of time.

Our team won’t kick a ball in anger at Campbelltown Sports Stadium until August of 2020.

But obviously forums such as the one at the Catholic club next Thursday will help in the process.

Apparently questions will be allowed to be asked, so if you’re planning to attend start thinking about what you would like to know about this exciting new club.

Will home games at Campbelltown have scenes like this?

As for me, well, I would probably like to ask 20 questions but that won’t be feasible, so I will just have to list here what my Top 5 questions would be if I could hog the microphone.

Number 1. Will players be encouraged to live locally and be active in the community?

Number 2. Will ticket prices to home games at Campbelltown be affordable for local families?

Number 3. As I understand it the name of the club has to have “Sydney’’ somewhere in there but why couldn’t Rams be its nickname?

Number 4. Strong talk team colours will be black and white. I like it and can you confirm that is the case?

Number 5. Will the club support the creation of an active group of supporters like Western Sydney Wanderers?

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