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Gaffes and magical promises we can have it all, NSW

It’s turning out to be quite an election, thanks to final week gaffes and other horrors from the frontline of campaigning.

Michael Daley’s $3 billion TAFE shocker, combined with the leaking of his anti-Asian sentiments, have made the Labor party’s job of winning a little harder, but they haven’t really helped the Liberal-National coalition government that’s been in power in NSW for eight years.

This is still the belief of most voters: the government deserve to lose office, but Labor have not been able to prove they deserve to win the 2019 election.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a weird situation in 40 years of covering elections, and there’s no doubt minority government could be headed our way after the polls close tomorrow night.

The problem with the major parties – their head offices, not their local people – is that they break our hearts every four years.

As one independent candidate pointed out it’s time they stopped the cynical exercise of magically having enough money to promise everything under the sun – you know, you can have it all, NSW.

These magical promises come just before elections and just as magically many of them are never heard of ever again.

Don’t forget to vote in the NSW election tomorrow, Saturday, March 23

Which means they take us for mugs, and we then take it out on our local candidates, who do not deserve such treatment.

Indeed the hope of the side, of democracy itself, are some of the wonderful candidates who have thrown their hat in the ring in half a dozen seats across our growing region.

From Picton to Liverpool we are spoiled for choice as far as choosing our local representative is concerned.

Having met and spoken with some of them I can tell you it lifts the spirits to see local people who care about their communities placing their lives on hold for months.

It sounds crazy, but most of them told me they had enjoyed the campaign immensely, especially the interaction with their fellow residents.

Therefore, the South West Voice in Macarthur would like to thank every single candidate for their faith in democracy and wish them the best of luck tomorrow.

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