A little bit of funding goes a long way for local sport clubs

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The NSW local sport grant program may not offer huge amounts of money to those who apply every year.

But for a lot of local sporting organisations new equipment, programs and facilities would be a pipedream without this program.

Every electorate in the state is allocated $50,000, and applicants can seek up to $20,000 each.

Local MPs like Greg Warren sift through the applications and select those that meet all the criteria.

Six Campbelltown projects were successful in the latest round of the grants program.

Mr Warren is pictured with representatives of Appin United Football Club who received $4125 for new game day player kits.

Bradbury Cricket Club will spend their $10,000 grant on new equipment and junior uniforms.

Campbelltown Caspers will replace and upgrade old, damaged equipment, including an almost 10-year-old Zooka machine with their $7,195 grant.

East Campbelltown Eagles will spend their $15,532 for storage upgrades.

Macarthur Veterans Cricket Club will buy equipment and uniforms for players and volunteers with their $8,200 grant. It will also pay for training courses for volunteers.

Ruse Football Club will spend its $4948 on new, fit-for-purpose uniforms for girls and ladies teams.

“Sport is a way of life in the Campbelltown community,’’ says Mr Warren.

“This funding will help our local clubs and their army of volunteers to provide more opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of sport and active recreation.’’

In the neighbouring seat of Leppington, five applicants were successful and shared the $50,000.

Leppington Gurkhas Recreational Club – free soccer training for local kids (age 4-10).

Leppington Lions Soccer Club – inclusive soccer community program and facility equipment’s upgrade.

Eschol Park Football Club – training equipment, Kemps Creek United Soccer Club, coaching courses and Sydney Cricket League Incorporated Guts & Glory Global Championship 2024 second edition.

“Local sporting clubs are at the forefront of grassroots development,’’ says Member for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty, pictured above.

“In a growing area like Leppington its crucial our local clubs and sporting organisations have the resources they need.’’

For further information visit: www.sport.nsw.gov.au/local-sport-grant-program

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