Forum of ideas set to help unlock Campbelltown’s potential

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Campbelltown has today taken a solid step towards converting its potential as a great city of the future into the real thing.

A forum in the Campbelltown arts centre overflowed with ideas that Mayor George Greiss promised would now become part of the council’s plan.

Around 50 business and industry leaders attended the forum.

Mayor Greiss is a noted supporter of community engagement and this forum was the first substantial initiative in this bold new approach from Campbelltown Council.

“I want to thank all of you for giving your time today and for the great ideas put forward,’’ he said.

“I assure you all these ideas have been recorded and will become part of our plan for Campbelltown.’’

The forum moderator was Tim Williams, an urban expert and commentator, who was previously the CEO of the influential Committee for Sydney.

Mr Williams (pictured above, right, with the mayor), said he was pleasantly surprised at the optimism expressed in the room.

“I was expecting more disagreement, but this is good for Campbelltown as it looks to unlock its potential, which is clearly there,’’ he said.

Participants were placed in teams to workshop ideas on three subjects presented by Mr Williams.

They included the “natural and the built environment’’, and whether present developments in and around Campbelltown were balanced in their approach.

The second topic was “social infrastructure and amenity’’.

There was general agreement that community level facilities were well provided for in Campbelltown.

What was lacking, the forum heard, was big picture amenities such as a world class stadium that could be used for elite sport and entertainment events.

The third subject was “economy and prosperity’’.

Getting serious about fixing up Queen Street so it could compete with new food and leisure precincts such as Gregory Hills and Edmondson Park was seen by most people in the room as a top priority.

A makeover of Queen Street, along with a billion dollar development there such as the proposed community and justice centre would also attract new residents to Campbelltown, the forum was told.

No date was set, but a follow up forum will be held later this year.

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