Time to fix 50 year old Catherine Field causeway

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This causeway on Anthony Road in Catherine Field has wreaked havoc on local residents not for months or years, but decades.

It is subject to regular flooding, on occasion trapping some of the residents in their homes.

On at least one occasion this has been the cause of a fatality.

Local residents have raised the issue with Camden Council on numerous occasions, however their calls for resolution have fallen on deaf ears, says Nathan Hagarty, the Labor Party candidate for the newly created seat of Leppington.

The causeway is located within the Leppington electorate and Mr Hagarty (pictured above) has called on Camden Council to finally fix the problem causeway.

He says it’s long overdue the issue be addressed by the local council.

“Our area is growing, and growing rapidly. This causeway was constructed half a century ago, and is no longer safe or appropriate,” says Mr Hagarty.

“I’m calling on Camden Council to work with the relevant authorities on this issue, and to consult locals on a safe, permanent solution.

“We’ve had three major floods in the last year alone.

“These are set to continue in frequency and intensity. Council needs to act before we have another tragedy on our hands.

“If I am elected as the local member for this area, I will work with residents, Camden Council and other stakeholders to ensure we deliver a solution on this problem causeway.’’

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  1. Finally a politician who is willing to devote some influence in fixing Anthony road causeway. My petitions to council don’t even receive a response let alone fixing this road. Ever since the council stopped right hand turns onto bringelly road from Barry ave, this road now provides the shortest route to Bringelly road for the East.


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