Even pedantry can have its rewards in this crazy life

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Pedantry has its rewards.
Sprung: the typo in this blackboard was a missing H.

Picture if you will a world where everyone knows how to spell.

A boring, boring world indeed.

What I would have said, too.

A world without pedants who cannot walk past a notice that contains typographical errors without bringing it to the attention of management.

And some of the spelling boo-boos can be funny, especially when it’s foreigners trying to translate into English something from their native tongue.

Such as instructions on how to put together something you just bought.

You know, the ones where you end up looking at the pictures to get the thing done.

But you know what? There can be joy in being a pedant, so long as you report a problem in a light hearted manner.

As your correspondent this afternoon at Macarthur Square when going past this jewellery store we noticed the missing H in “were’’ on the blackboard outside the shop.

I thought, nah, just keep going, got to get that shirt and tie from David Jones for daughter’s wedding on Saturday.

But no, I stopped, flashed a smile to the ladies at the counter, waved, and told them about the typo.

And they smiled back and said: you know, that’s been out there all day and nobody else has spotted it. Well done.

I got the feeling that this may have been a backhanded compliment, but I thanked them nonetheless for their good humour and pressed on towards my next target: DJs.

I didn’t find any typos in there, just a lovely tie and shirt for the big day.





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