Curfew outrage: it’s discrimination and dumb policy, Gladys

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If a curfew will help us bring this strain of Covid under control, then so be it.

But what was the premier, Gladys Berejiklian, thinking when she announced this morning the 9pm-5am curfew will be imposed only in the “local government areas of concern’’.

This discriminatory action is an outrage.

But it’s not really a surprise that this North Shore-based government is showing its true colours even when we’re dealing with a pandemic.

The curfew decision proves what a farce the handling of the current outbreak has been since an unvaccinated limo driver from Bondi started spreading the virus.

But it also proves that there’s a second pandemic going on inside this myopic state government – a pandemic of double standards.

It’s one rule for the east and north side of the city and another for the boofheads out west and south west.

South Western Sydney residents are doing the right thing and deserve to be treated fairly by the NSW Government.

What happened, incidentally, Gladys, to we’re all in this together?

Yep, they were just meaningless words that served their purpose for a bit of time.

Gladys and that fool Brad Hazzard are serving up a muddle when it comes to their response to the out of control delta strain.

Mercifully, Kerry Chant provides a dose of common sense, but that’s about as good as it gets from this lot.

It’s not too late for the curfew to be extended to the whole of the Sydney metropolitan area.

It’s not only fair, it also makes sense, and if it helps to drive down the infection rate, well, it can be an even bigger impact if it applies to everyone in our great city.

You don’t need modelling to tell you young people in Maroubra yield to the temptation to go out after dark just as much as their counterparts in Raby.

Premier, your advisers may not tell you, but I will: imposing a curfew in South Western and Western Sydney areas only is as dumb as it gets.

It will come back to bite you with a vengeance in March 2023. Which is not that far away, by the way.

3 thoughts on “Curfew outrage: it’s discrimination and dumb policy, Gladys”

  1. There are two Sydneys. This is part of the story the Sydney Culture War that has been going on for decades. Currently declared in the name of Covid. The present is haunted by the past. Well said in the article Eric.

  2. I agree, how come Campbelltown is always hit negatively no matter what the subject. This is just one more example of examples that can be seen ‘EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR’. I am not exaggerating, there are hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of issues where the City comes off second best, or much, much further down the list !!

    Sadly our up and coming young citizens, grow up in this environment. And the curfew is just one more example of inequality of the City vs the South and Western Sydney suburbs.

    I am not opposed to the curfew, but not used as another us and them tool.


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