Council elections: Campbelltown to hold candidates forums

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Having announced his retirement from politics, the Mayor of Campbelltown, George Greiss, will not be a candidate at the council elections on September 14.

But he will leave his mark on the election by announcing he wants council to sponsor two debate forums in the days leading to the polls.

He will table a Mayoral Minute at next week’s council meeting detailing his proposal for council to host the forums.

The South West Voice has accepted his invitation to moderate the debates.

“Elections serve as crucial opportunities to inform and educate people about their local government area and provide a platform for residents to learn about the policies, platforms, and performance of various candidates and political parties,’’ writes Mayor Greiss in the Mayoral Minute.

“Additionally, elections can highlight key issues and foster public debate, contributing to more engaged and knowledgeable decision-makers and voters.

“Public debates are a great platform to focus the information, dispel misinformation and disinformation, create engagement in the political process, and boost public interest.

“They also create transparency and accountability as candidates are forced to clarify and defend their positions on various issues, allowing the voters to hold them accountable.

“Most importantly, they allow voters to make informed decisions about who they believe will best represent their interests and address their concerns,’’ he says.

“To foster such opportunities, I have proposed that the Council, in collaboration with the South West Voice, will sponsor two voluntary council debates in the week before the election.

“In line with our commitment to transparency, we will explore how we may webcast and record these events.

“I hope that all the teams in the upcoming election take these opportunities to engage and inform our residents of their policies and views.’

Dates and venues of the forums, as well as the format, will be announced in due course.

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