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Plenty of candidates for coronavirus goose of the week

You wouldn’t know where to start if you compiled a list of the worst things said or done since the onset of the coronavirus emergency. There would be some many candidates, including the Prime Minister, who must hugely regret saying early on, no worries, we can still go to the footy. It has been good to see him improve his performance in the past three weeks, though.

There’s been the incompetence over the Ruby Princess cruise ship and panic buying of toilet paper, while thousands of stupid people decided it was clever to pack themselves in at Bondi Beach like sardines in a can.

It was also sad to see print news enlisting their old buddy sensationalism to attract attention to themselves: look at me, look at me their headlines scream. Especially the one about how many hundreds of thousands of us would die.

And of course there are two kinds of stupid people in the world, those on social media and those who think they can ignore everything the government asks us to do in real life.

And then there’s the narks who are never happy with anything.

From those put in five star accommodation for 14 days upon returning to the country whingeing it’s “worse than prison’’ to the people who think nothing the government does is any good.

Whatever it is it’s either too much or not enough.

And politics, way too much for most people’s liking.

This is not the time: recriminations, political or otherwise, can wait for after we’ve beaten this virus.

Including how the rest of the world deals with China and the communist dictators who run that joint.

Here’s our Top 5 on the coronavirus so far:

Number 1. Panic buying toilet paper – what the hell was that about?

Number 2. The morons who packed Bondi Beach. Sadly, a large number of them, especially backpackers, have now tested positive to the virus.

Number 3. The ridiculous and relentless negativity on social media, especially Twitter.

Number 4. The Ruby princess debacle. Will Gladys pay the price with the loss of the premiership once the virus emergency recedes – most likely.

Number 5. It’s becoming clearer every day the world’s relationship with China will change after this, both nation to nation and on a personal level.

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