More homes, business to upgrade internet connection to fibre

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Homes and businesses in South Western Sydney still with copper NBN connection can finally upgrade to fibre to the premises.

Anne Stanley, the federal member for Werriwa, has given the thumbs up to the connectivity boost for some of her constituents,  

“This announcement is an opportunity for eligible local families and businesses to enjoy the benefits of a faster, more reliable fibre connection.

“I welcome NBN’s commitment to supporting the families and businesses in Edmondson Park (pictured), Horningsea Park and Prestons, and encourage the community to check the NBN website to see whether they are eligible for an upgrade,’’ Ms Stanley said.

Parts of Edmondson Park, Horningsea Park and Prestons can now place an order to upgrade their copper NBN connection to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

These upgrades will be available on demand where a customer in an eligible premise seeks a higher speed service through their retail service provider.

This will allow residents and businesses to take advantage of the faster speeds which are increasingly important in a digital society and economy.

“The NBN is a key investment in the nation’s future. Since 2009, the network has kept Australians connected, supported tele-health and remote education, and boosted economic productivity by expanding access to new customers for small businesses,’’ says Michelle Rowland, minister for communications.

“The Albanese Government is committed to ensuring that Australians get the full benefit of NBN’s potential by upgrading as many NBN lines to full fibre connections as possible.

“Eligible local residents and businesses in Edmondson Park, Horningsea Park and Prestons will now be able to take advantage of higher speed services as a result of this announcement.

“Expanding fibre access will ensure Australians are at the forefront of digital connectivity and will help bridge the digital divide”.

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