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Clean up’s great, but the old wooden bench has seen better days

Campbelltown City Council earlier this week launched a program of pressure cleaning of the footpaths in the Ingleburn CBD. The work should be finalised over three nights and in time for the annual Ingleburn Alive Revived event tomorrow (Saturday, March 2).

It’s all part of council’s Love Ingleburn Place Project.

And while this is commendable, council should also consider replacing the daggy looking wooden bench seat, pictured above, in Nardoo Street, just about outside the butcher’s shop.

Just a few short metres from the ancient bench that needs to be put out of its misery is a nice, smart looking, modern metal variety, also pictured, below.

Just saying…


The people you bump into: One of the first people to walk into the Cube at Campbelltown Catholic Club for last night’s Macarthur South West A-League community forum was legendary St Andrews Public School teacher Paul Bush.

Spotting Macarthur Chatter, he made a beeline to where I was sitting and it was great to catch up with the now retired teacher who taught three of our children – or maybe it was all four, it was a long time ago, even though Mr Bush hasn’t aged one bit..


The Campbelltown Kangaroos rugby league club’s canteen at Fullwood Reserve and front storage area was broken into last weekend.
The lousy thieves made off with around $2,000 worth of canteen stock, merchandise, tools, air compressor and half the supply of brand new drink bottles. 
As if that wasn’t bad enough, the front roller shutter and the pie oven were destroyed, and expensive line marking paint was thrown around and wasted out on the field.

The club have launched an online raffle to raise some money to replace what the low life/s took or damaged.

If you’d like to help go to Facebook and search for Campbelltown City Kangaroos.


We are too nice to reveal just who is the long time Labor Party member of the Macarthur region who just booked an overseas holiday with controversial travel agency HelloWorld linked to Liberal Party figures.

Let’s just call him John, and he’s embarrassed enough as it is without Macarthur Chatter rubbing it in.

He told us that “there we were, signing up with Helloworld, and by the time it dawned on us what we were doing it was too late.’’


Who needs social media to make a big announcement when you can just write it on a white sheet and tie it to the fence on a busy intersection.

That’s what’s happening on a regular basis at the corner of Junction Road and Leumeah Road, where signs wishing Mum a Happy Mother’s Day or someone else a Happy 21st have been going up in the past few months.

The signs are attached to the metal fence belonging to the Buddist temple located on the Ruse side of the road.

We don’t know who the culprits are, but we have our suspicions.


Michael Andjelkovic, the independent candidate for Liverpool, pictured here, is learning the hard way that politics can be a brutal game.

He received an angry message from a resident who accused him of being “all talk’’ and a litany of other failings.

Here is a sample of the message Mr Andjelkovic received:

“Why campaign for the car park? What’s in it for you? Nobody ever does anything without self interest – if you are in politics then you are not any better than those in government,’’ – and it went on in a similar vein for another 200 words or more.


The NSW Government is being urged to launch an investigation into the actions of former Liverpool City Council chief executive Carl Wulff after he was sentenced to five years in prison for engaging in serious corruption.

Mr Wulff and his wife Sharon Oxenbridge were both recently sentenced to prison for their involvement in a scheme involving the use of bogus contracts and falsified invoices to funnel $240,000 in kickbacks from contractors in return for favourable treatment from Ipswich City Council during his time as CEO.

Shortly after engaging in this scheme, Mr Wulff took up the position of CEO at Liverpool City Council.

The United Services Union, which represents local government workers including the majority of staff at Liverpool City Council, said the only way the NSW Government could restore public trust in the actions and decision-making of the council under Mr Wulff’s leadership would be through a wide-ranging, independent investigation into every contract, decision, and policy he oversaw.

Yep, they do have a point.


We know, we know, there’s a lot of charity golf days through the year, but the South West Sydney Academy of Sport is a real fun day and we commend it to you.

This year it’s scheduled for Friday, May 24 at the picturesque Campbelltown golf course, above.

Give work the flick to make it a long weekend that starts with a great round of golf, plenty of fun on-course competitions, a delicious luncheon, prizes, auction and raffles and a few cold drinks to wrap up a great day.
If you’d like to get in early just call 4627 7622 and speak to Samantha.

See you on the course on May 24…


Campbelltown Council has appointed a new director of city growth, Rebecca Grasso, the Parramatta City Council director of city identity, experience and engagement.

On Monday, March 4 Ms Grasso will start working for Campbelltown in a part time capacity before going full time on April 1.

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