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Citizens’ panel to ensure three cities plan becomes reality

The Greater Sydney Commission chief executive officer, Sarah Hill, says plans for a metropolis of three cities will not sit on a shelf gathering dust.

Having developed the plan with input from thousands of residents across the Sydney metropolitan area, a citizens’ panel is being established to ensure its implementation.

A panel of 100 Sydneysiders, representing a wide cross section of the community, will work alongside the Commission to provide input into how it can best track and evaluate the implementation and outcomes of the region plan.

“A Metropolis of Three Cities was released in March this year, after two years of extensive collaboration and engagement with over 30,000 Sydneysiders,” Ms Hill said.

“Having co-created the vision with us, community and stakeholder groups told us they were also keen to follow its progress.

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see that enthusiasm come through in the feedback we received.

“People want to see this plan implemented and they want to be involved in that process,’’ Ms Hill said.

The Commission is looking for people of all ages, including those from CALD backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and people with disability.

“We have such bright, passionate and innovative minds right across our three cities,’’ Ms Hill said.

“I look forward to working alongside them to track the delivery of this plan.

“It’s fantastic that we have a vision for a more liveable, productive and sustainable Greater Sydney that’s been adopted by the NSW Government.

“Now it’s time to make that vision a reality,” she said.

The citizens’ panel will be convened on two Saturdays in November.

Expressions of interests are now open and must be submitted by 5pm this Sunday, October 14.

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