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Learn how to give waste the flick this Christmas

If you’d like to learn how to make this year’s festive season greener than ever than this sustainable Christmas workshop is for you.

To be held on Saturday, November 30 at the Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living (MCSL), you will learn about the Japanese art of gift wrapping, Furoshiki (pictured below), where gifts are wrapped with reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly cloth.

This easy and beautiful method doesn’t need sticky tape, single-use plastic or paper.

You will also be shown alternative gift ideas that promote sustainability, including locally made beeswax wraps and preserves.

There will be advice on reducing food and catering waste, with great tips for sourcing re-useable and biodegradable plates and platters and how to appropriately dispose of Christmas waste and leftovers.

MCSL visitor experience officer Anne Maree O’Neill will facilitate the workshop.

 “Research shows Australians produce 30 per cent more waste over Christmas, use up to 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper – which is enough to go around the equator four times – and throw away about 25 per cent of the food we buy to use over the festive season,” Ms O’Neill said.

“By simply making different choices, we can save a lot of money and help to support a healthy environment for all.

“For my family, being more sustainable over Christmas means being mindful of how much we’re spending and what’s the real cost of our decisions – unused food, buying too many gifts, how we wrap our presents.

“You can start with my top tip for reducing food and catering waste – only buy what you need.

“For me, the best way of managing this is always make a shopping list. Check what’s in your pantry and fridge so you don’t double purchase and only buy what you need for your menu,” Ms O’Neill said.

The workshop is being funded by Camden Council.

“This time of year is so busy, filled with so much happiness and excitement we often forget our actions still have an impact on the community and local environment around us,” says Councillor Theresa Fedeli, Mayor of Camden.

“We’re so proud to support workshops like this one at MCSL because we want our residents to adopt sustainable practices.

“We want everyone across the Camden area to responsibly use and protect our beautiful natural environment.”

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